Important Announcement: ECSI Course Completion Cards
Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 04:24PM

ECSI is excited to announce that starting October 1, 2016, ECSI course completion cards will only be available digitally.  

Hard copies of our cards will not be available with the purchase of any of our materials after this date and all current hard copy cards cannot be issued after December 31, 2016. ECSI Education Centers may request an exchange of their existing hard copy cards for digital cards if they have updated their training materials to the new curriculum.

Nationally Recognized Digital Course Completion Cards

ECSI provides our Education Centers with a digital course completion card along with the purchase of each:

Upon successful completion of a course, digital course completion cards can be:

Check out our ECSI Tutorials for an overview of how the digital course completion card process works:

How to Redeem an Invoice | Watch now.

How to Order Course Materials
  |  Watch now.

How to Verify Student CertificateWatch now.

A complete set of easy-to-follow instructions on the digital course completion card process is also available in our comprehensive FAQ document.

Upgrade your account today! 
Call 800-716-7264 or email our ECSI team for details. 

*Pocket Guides that include a digital course completion card or refresher bundles only.

**Please note, International ECSI Education Centers may need to contact their dedicated Sales Representative to access their digital course completion cards if ordering through a distributor.

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